Thickness Gauge and Feeler Gauge

Thickness gauge and Feeler Gauge

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Thickness Gauge is composed of thin sheets of leaves with a defined size and accuracy. A feeler gauge is manufactured in rolls. Each roll is   1 sheet of a certain thickness with a specified tolerance. One roll has a length of 1, 3, or 5 m.

A thickness gauge is a tool to check the size of the gap. With a straight edge ruler and a set of gauges, one can check the flatness of a large surface. Or check the straightness of a long part.

A feeler gauge is used to fill gaps with specified dimensions during assembly or machining.

Because they are instruments capable of measuring quickly and accurately through comparison. Therefore, they are widely applied in industries such as the mechanical engineering industry, molds, metal processing, mechanical assembly.

Blades and shims are made of two materials, carbon steel or stainless steel.

Thickness gauge and Feeler gauge a product line, equipment are manufactured by Niigata Seiki – Japan

Types of Thickness gauge and Feeler gauge

  • Thickness gauge: includes 3 types
    + Thickness gauge with color sleeve
    + Standard type by set
    + Thickness gauge leaf
  • There are 2 types of Feeler gauge
    + FG series: Carbon tool steel
    + SFG series: Stainless steel

The thickness of the steel sheets has various sizes. Each leaf can be purchased individually according to the desired thickness. Carbon steel material for long time use.

High corrosion resistance and ductility, can be cut to the desired size. Widely applied in the fields of construction, repair, and manufacturing... for an accurate measurement result.

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