Bilz Vibration Technology AG


Introduction of the Bilz Vibration Technology AG

Vibration Technology AG is manufactured by Bilz – LB Germany. It is a world leader in the field of highly effective vibration insulation.

The company was founded in 1985 as a provider of solutions for vibration equipment.

Bilz’s anti-vibration cushion allows handling of low to high vibration frequencies. In fact, low vibration frequencies are considered the most difficult, and not all anti-vibration pads can handle it

In particular, it has handled problems such as vibration and noise caused by machinery and equipment structures. The material composition used ensures safe anti-slip on common industrial floors.

Highlights of Bilz products

  • Bilz is a marker leader in the European Community in this field as a supplier to machine builders, the equipment manufacturing industry, as well as the automobile industry and their suppliers
  • Our product range covers s wide range of applications
  • In particular, Bilz’s anti-vibration system is widely used for high-precision measuring equipment
  • Currently, no issues related to the vibration that we have not been able to fix. Especially in the industry where high precision is required
Types of Vibration Technology

Item insulating plates

  • Bilz insulating plates are highly developed materials designed to solve problems, caused in many industrial sectors by vibrations and structure-borne noise.
  • Besides, made from a precise combination of nitrile rubber, cork particles, and cross-linked polyester-fiber, this high-grade compound material possesses excellent physical, and mechanical properties,…
  • Application of item insulating plates:
Item insulating plates

Types of Pad

Insulation Pad

Types of Bilz Vibration Technology

BN series

  • The type of insulation pads used can be found in the type description
  • For example: BNSH 80 / 50 is equipped with B50, BNVS 50/30W with B30W, etc
  • The specified maximum load is composed of static and dynamic loading of the machine
  • The best insulation effect is achieved at approximately 80 – 90 % of the specified maximum load
  • Permissible temperature range: – 20oC to + 120oC
Types of Vibration Technology

Wedge-type anti-vibration tripod

Types of Vibration Technology

PK Type

  • On request, we supply special solutions in terms of coating, insulation pad mounting, and dimension.
  • Similarly BN series, permissible temperature range: – 20oC to + 120oC
  • To simplify handling the upper or lower wedge can be secured with a tension spring
  • The general tolerances in accordance with ISO 2768 VL apply
  • To the specified lengths and widths. The specified height at the center position is subject to a tolerance of ± 1 mm
Types of Vibration Technology

Tripod Accessories

Linh kiện chống rung

Feabi Rubber Air Spring Insulator

  • FAEBI ® rubber air springs are used for the highly effective solution of machines, apparatus, and aggregates from shocks, vibrations, and structure-borne noise.
  • The element comprises a bell-shaped rubber form made from a high-grade elastomer with a reinforced sidewall
  • The constructive design does not only achieve excellent insulation properties, but also very high mechanical stability
  • Damage due to overload or a sudden pressure drop is virtually impossible
Types of Vibration Technology

BiAir Membrane air spring insulator

  • Highly effective vibration insulation of
    + Sensitive measurement and testing equipment
    + Precise finishing machines
    + Laser equipment as well as
    + Optical and electronic instruments
    + Vibration insulated bearings for vehicle, engine and gearbox testbeds

  • Especially, damage to the rolling membrane due to overpressure is virtually excluded through the use of additional safety valves

Types of Vibration Technology

The BiAir system is controlled by balance through air valves and control stations

Bilz’s most intelligently set up anti-vibration and anti-shock system is used in conjunction with WinSNI software.

Types of Vibration Technology


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