Sample Polishing Machine

Sample Polishing Machine

A Product of Future-Tech Corp. Japan

An official distributor of Future-Tech in Vietnam


The sample polishing machine is one of the main pieces of equipment in the metal sample preparation process (including cutting, casting, grinding, and polishing). The device is widely used in metallurgical testing, hardness testing, and material structure testing.

The FTP series is diverse in models and types. It ranges from manual grinding to automatic grinding. And allows grinding many different diameters. The system is powerful but the capacity is not too large, allowing the machine to work continuously while saving power.

Especially, the machine operates extremely smoothly and stably thanks to its sturdy body. As a result, Future-Tech’s grinders always deliver the most perfect grinding results.

Besides, the machine is also coated with a special coating (thin film layer) with high quality.

Types of Future-Tech Sample Polishing Machine

  • FTP-1AH
  • FTP-AX series: FTP-1AX / FTP-2AX
  • FTP-MX series: FTP-1MX / FTP-2MX

Benefits and Features of machine


Save time cleaning the machine

Simple design with high processors

The large LCD touch panel is easy to see and has many user-friendly functions

Quick and easy operation

Durable operation with long life


Modern, compact design with a sturdy body

Diversity of models and types

Use 1 ceramic valve for water supply

Reliable operation system

Silent operation with sturdy construction

Automatic series with large easy-to-see LCD touch panel, many functions

Automatic series with desktop design. Quiet and durable operation thanks to the sturdy aluminum frame. There are 2 types 1 polishing wheel and 2 polishing wheels.

Basic machine with desktop design, space-saving, quiet operation. There are 2 types 1 polishing wheel and 2 polishing wheels.

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