Video Measuring System SprintMVP1500|1550|1552

Video Measuring System SprintMVP1500

An Official distributor of QVi-OGP in Vietnam

SprintMVP 1500 | 1550 | 1552

Video Measuring System SprintMVP1500|1550|1552 fully automatic with moving bridge design and different large capacity trval ranges

Feature of SprintMVP1500|1550|1552

Video Measuring System SprintMVP1500|1550|1552 is fully automatic manufacturing by QVi-OGP USA

SprintMVP1500|1550|1552 floor model measurement systems offer fully automatic, non-contact video measurement for

  • Very large parts
  • Or groups of parts

With solid granite bases, make these systems a great value

  • High accuracy
  • Small repeat error

The user-friendly interface is the highlight of Measure-X software

  • The software is written on object-oriented principles, so objects are dynamic
  • Easy to re-measure, edit and add parameters even after measuring
  • Command operation through icons, intuitive, easy to use
MeasureX for SprintMVP

Advantages that Video Measuring System SprintMVP1500|1550|1552:

  • Moving bridge design, for convenient part loading and fixturing
  • Motorized zoom lens system with high resolution digital color camera
  • Full function Measure-X® metrology software for fully automatic operation

Technical Information of \ SprintMVP1500|1550|1552



1- SprintMVP 1500 :   900 x 1500 x 200 (mm)
2- SprintMVP 1550 : 1250 x 1500 x 200 (mm)
3- SprintMVP 1552 : 1500 x 1500 x 200 (mm)



6.5:1, 10 position motorized zoom lens


Lens Attachments for 1.0x Lens: 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.5x, 2.0x



LED VectorLight™ SP programmable ring light with 6 rings and 7 sectors, LED backlight, LED square-on surface light


LED VectorLight™ SF programmable ring light with 6 rings and 8 sectors and LED square-on surface light (reduced working clearance)



Technical Information

Vector Lighting

Touch Probe

Laser Probe

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