Salt Spray Chambers


Introduction of the Salt Spray Chambers

For more than 25 years of development, Ascott has been at the forefront of the design and manufacture of corrosion test chambers. Ascott products are of the highest quality and most advanced. Ascott has provided its products to many famous customers in the world. Through that, the company has built an international name and brand as well as received the trust of customers.

Salt spray cabinets and chambers - salt spray corrosion test systems

Salt spray (also known as salt mist) is currently the first choice in corrosion testing. The aim is to compare the quality of the actual product with the expected one by virtue of its conformity with applicable international test standards. Thereby, salt spray becomes the most popular type of quality corrosion test today.

Types of Salt Spray Chambers

Ascott’s Salt spray chambers include 2 main models

Model Standard

Standard models meet the requirements of basic,  continuous salt spray tests conducted at a single temperature only, such as ASTM B117, ISO 9227, JIS Z 2371, and similar international test standards. In particular, enable to use the machine with pH neutral salt solutions (NSS) or those acidified by the addition of Acetic Acid (ASS) or Cupric Acid (CASS).

Salt Spray Chambers S1000iS

Salt spray chambers Standard S1000iS

Features of Model Standard:

  • ‘Easy Open’ pneumatically operated canopy
  • Control interface intuitive touch-screen
  • Dry seal gasket to prevent wetting the operator’s clothes
  • The chamber surface is designed low for easy loading and unloading of materials
  • Besides, customers can choose the lid color
  • Transparent lid for naked-eye viewing
  • Besides, automatic clean of the cabinet interior before the chamber is opened.
  • External portable salt solution tank
  • Sample price set
The working space of the salt spray chambers

Optimal working space

Model Premium

Premium models can perform the same basic salt spray tests. In addition, are equipped with extra features which enable them to undertake ‘modified’ tests such as those defined in ASTM G85. Here conventional salt spray is often combined with one other climate, in a two-part cycle, to accelerate the test. For example salt spray and condensation humidity (SWAAT) or salt spray and drying (PROHESION)

Salt Spray Chambers S2000iS

Salt Spray Chambers Premium S2000iP

The Premium model includes all the features of the Standard model. In addition, the premium model adds the following features:

  • Intuitive touch-screen, full-color user control interface
  • Besides, the machine uses the latest version of our highly intuitive operating software, for ease of programming and use
  • RJ45 for logging and remote programming via a computer running ACC120 software
  • Next, a real-time, user-configurable ‘clock’ to enable different test samples to be batched and have their exposure time monitored separately
  • In particular, the machine has alarms to warn when a pre-set test period has been completed
  • Integrated immersion heater to create condensation humidity, for testing to a wider range of ‘modified’ salt spray tests

Customers can choose the color palette when buying the device

Các bảng màu tự chọn cho buồng phun muối

Specification of Salt spray chambers


From ambient temperature to +50°C/+122oF


From 0.5 to 2.5 ml in 80 cm2 / hour


Edit from the environment mode up to +50°C/+122oF


Edit from the environment mode to +50°C/+122oF

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