Large FOV Video SNAP 100


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Large FOV Video SNAP 100 is a Small footing, large FOV Video Measuring Machine. It is the best choice for accurate measurements in the lab and the shop floor.

Features of SNAP 100

SNAP 100 is a large FOV Video Measuring System with compact size from QVi-OGP USA.

The SNAP™ 100 ensures accurate measurements across the wide field of view with low distortion. It even gets accurate when not perfectly focused.

Large FOV Video SNAP_100

SNAP 100 offers the following features:

  • Field of View large
  • High accurate
  • Fixed stage
  • Accurate image
  • Quick measurement and easy operation

SNAP-X metrology software supports a simple usage as “walk up and measure”. It supports a comparison function to an electronic overlay. In addition, it is easy to create and run automatic programs including complex measurements and GD&T.​

Advantages that SNAP 100 has:

  • It uses three light sources: Collimated back-light, programmable ring light, and coaxial surface light. A high-density metrology camera makes it to the best choice for accurate measurements. It also is the best choice in the lab and on the shop floor.
  • Fixed stage with 62mm x 46mm measuring area.
    Zoom Anywhere technology instantly zooms the image anywhere in the wide field of view to measure small features instantly.
  • SNAP-X software provides users with a simple, powerful interface for instant 2D measurement and auto program generation.
  • The Optional ZONE3 Metrology Software provides features to automatically generate measurement routines. So, it results in faster programming and faster running times).

Technical Information of SNAP 100



62 mm x 46 mm



Telecentric, single optical magnification with 62 mm x 46 mm field of view.



All LED monochromatic substage profile light. Programmable 8 sector ring light, and coaxial through-the-lens surface light.



SNAP 100 Datasheet

SNAP Brochure

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