Full-Automatic MicroVicker Hardness Tester

Full-Automatic MicroVicker Hardness Tester FM-ARS

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Full-Automatic MicroVicker Hardness Tester FM-ARS 9000 is a more innovated Vickers hardness testing system

Features of Full-Automatic MicroVicker Hardness Tester

FM-ARS 9000 is a Full-Automatic MicroVicker Hardness Testing Machine manufactured by Future-Tech – Made in Japan

Sampleʼs Tilted Surface Tracing Function

  • Easy setting of tilt angle enables to control Z-axis along the sampleʼs tilted surface.
  • This function enhances “Load applying accuracy”, shortens “Auto-focus time” and protects a sample and lens/indenter from a collision.

Measured Image Saving Function

  • You can check the images of all the measured indents.
  • By re-measuring the indent’s image, you can modify data easily.

Various Measurement Patterns

A series of measurement operations: Continuous Indentation – Focusing – Reading – Data Record: Just by selecting a measurement pattern, all testing will be full-automatic with high speed.

Vickers Hardness Tester - Pattern Setting
Vickers Hardness Tester - Graph Charge

Data Processing Software

Capability of Reading unclear indents on un-mirror surface has been improved by more advanced Data Processing Software.

Various Data Output Format and Statistical Processing

  • Case Depth of indicated HV Hardness can be displayed instantaneously on the Chart after continuous Measurements on Carbonized Layer.
  • Various Data Output available – Measurement Data, Hardness Distribution Chart, Case Depth, Max. Value, Min. Value, Mean Value, Dispersion, Standard Deviation, Coefficient of Variation, OK-NG Criteria, Conversion Data, etc.
  • Display and Output of Color Profile Picture linked with Hardness Values – Standard Function.

Specifications of the Full-Automatic MicroVicker Hardness Tester


Analog Microhardness Tester Model: FM-110S (OPTION: FM-310S, FM-810S available)

Automatic X-Y Stage & Motor Drive Unit

CCD Camera

Complete set of PC: 23” TFT Wide LC Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, and Joy-Stick with Controller

Standard Software for System ARS 9000



Model FM-110S:Stage Elevation Motor Built-in


Analog Type:Controllable Loading Operation by External PC

Test Load

Test load type (A ~ D) can be selected. (FM-110S / FM-310S series)
Test load type (A ~ E) can be selected. (FM – 810S series)
Setting is different between models.
For details, contact the sales department of our company

Loading Mechanism

Automatic Load / Hold / Release Method

Focus Operation

Automatic / Manual Operation available
* Focusing Steps adjustable

Auto-Stage Elevation

Automatic: by Built-in Stepping Motor / Manual: by Standard Handle & Joy-Stick Operation
* Safety Devices equipped for Overrun of Elevation

Precision Vise

Standard: Max. Opening: 50mm

Rotation Turret

Automatic / Manual changeable

Load Applying Speed

60μm / sec

Dwell Time

5 – 40 sec

Object Lens

x10 / x50 (Optical Parts for 3rd Lens Built-in)


Vickers Hardness (HV) / Knoop Hardness (HK)


Driving Motor

Stepping Motor

Driver Control

By icon : 2 Steps Speed available in X Y Z axis
By Joy-Stick : Flexible Speed Changing in X Y Z axis


110 x 110 mm

Max. Movement

50 x 50 mm

Min. Movement

1 μm

Moving Speed

1 – 25 mm / sec adjustable

Movement Program Pattern

Straight Line (Vertical & Horizontal) / Zigzag / Circle / Arc / Line Set for any Angle (8 Lines and Max. 998 indents on 1 Line/Total 49950 indents are measurable.) / Random


Pattern Setting

Start Position Setting for Straight Line and Position Setting for Random/Teaching Mode shall be performed by Mouse-Click.

Measurement Repeatability

± 0.8 % on Test Block 700 HV / 500 gf

Auto-Focus Time

Shortest 3 sec

Auto Reading Time

Approx. 0.2 sec / 1 dendent

Measurable Min. Indent

10 μm

Min. Measurement Unit

0.1 μm


Technical Information

Other reference information:

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