Pin Gauge

Pin Gauge

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Pin Gauge is a cylindrical gauge. We use it for fast inspection of small holes with high precision that other instruments can not measure.


Pin gauge is a cylindrical gauge. It is precisely machined for diameter, roundness, cylindricity, and roughness. It has a high hardness to resist wear when working.

The main purpose is to check the diameter of small holes with high precision that other measuring instruments cannot measure. It is also used to check the accuracy of micrometers, calipers, etc.

Pin Gauge is made by Niigata Seiki – Japan. Its material is steel, carbide, and ceramic.


  • Check all kinds of measuring tools such as micrometer, caliper, altimeter,…
  • Check hole size
  • Combined with a dial gauge to check the runout of machine tools such as milling machines, lathes, drills,…
  • Groove tolerance measurement, combined with hole concentricity check comparator

Other Pin Gauge types

Besides standard sizes such as in catalogs, Niigata Seiki also manufactures according to customer requirements. Such as different sizes and tolerances for each type of material.

Steel Pin Gauge Set AA series

  • The most popular type.
  • We supply individual pin gauges (in plastic cases).
  • Custom-made Pin Gauges are available on request.
  • The sets from AA-0A to AA-9B have an Aluminum Pin Vise.
    The sets from AA-0E to AA-6F have a Pin Vise.
  • For above 1.000 mm, nominal size is a mark on the gauge.
  • Provide with individual gauge stand.
Pin Gauge

SA series

  • High precision quality pin gauge.
  • We supply individual pin gauges (in plastic cases).
  • Step: 0.001 mm.

Maintenance Line Pin Gauge AML series

  • Wear-line on both ends of pin gauge is able to see gauge wear.
  • When line disappears, wear is more than 1µm
  • We supply individual pin gauges (in plastic cases).
  • Step: 0.010 mm.
Pin Gauge Maintenance AML series

AH/AP/AAP/AS series

  • Series consists of frequently used sizes
  • Same specifications as AA series
  • Custom made Pin Gauge sets are available on request
  • Step:
    AH series: 0.050 mm
    AP series: 0.100 mm
    AAP & AS series: 0.010 mm

PM / PG  series

  • Tolerance:
    – PM series: with a tolerance of 0 to plus 2µm or 0 to minus 2µm based on the nominal size
    – PG series: with a tolerance of +2 to +5µm (or -2 to -5µm) based on the nominal size
  • For over 1.000 mm, nominal size and P (for Plus) or M (for Minus) is marked on gauges
  • Please indicate “plus” or “minus” when ordering
  • Individual Pin Gauges are also available
Pin Gauge PM/PG series

AC series - With center hole

  • Checking surface deflection of gear and measuring runout of gear and pulley
  • Measuring squareness between hole and side face
  • For diameters over 2mm, we marked the normal size on the gauge.
  • Plastic case included.

AG series - with handle

  • AA series with plastic handle.
  • Easy to handle for measuring.
  • Less affected by temperature.
  • The handle protects Pin Gauges from skin oil and salts.
  • We marked the size on each plastic handle.
  • Individual pin gauges are also available.
Steel Pin Gauge set with handle AG series

Steel Pin Gauge for gear measurement OP series

  • For quick and accurate over-pin diameter measurement of internal and external gears (magnetize the pin for easy handling)
  • OP series gauge is for measuring over pin diameter of gears and involute splines
  • Each module is a set of two pins each for measuring external gear over-pin-diameter and internal gear over-pin-diameter.
  • Custom made pin gauges are available upon request

TAA / TAG series - Carbide

  • Material Gauge: Carbide
  • About 20-30 times more durable than Steel Pin Gauge.
  • The coefficient of thermal expansion is small(1/2 of steel,5×10-6/K)so the changes due to temperature are small.
  • Less likely to be damaged due to high hardness. Even if broken, the dimension does not change (no burrs on broken edges).
  • An economical and longer span of periodic calibration compared to steel gauge.
  • We supply individual pin gauges (in plastic cases).
Pin Gauge Carbide TAA/TAG series

CAA/CAG series - Ceramic

  • Material Gauge: Ceramic (Zirconia).
  • Strong against abrasion.
  • Free from rust and corrosion, and easy maintenance.
  • Ceramic material is less susceptible to abrasion and aged.
  • Deterioration than steel.
  • Non-magnetic.
  • For above 5mm, we marked by laser the Nominal size on the gauge.
  • We supply individual pin gauges (in plastic cases).
Ceramic Pin Gauge CAA/CAG series

Pin gauge case

  • Nominal size printed on each slot
  • Removable lid for use as tray
  • Easy to distinguish every single pin gauge by these colored cases

Aluminum Pin Vise

  • GO/ NOGO pin gauge holder – double-ended.
  • Material body: Aluminum.
  • With specially made resin collet. The aluminum pin vise is strong against deformation but soft for pin gauges.
  • Aluminum pin vise can be used as a limit gauge by holding pin gauges at both sides GO (green) and NOGO (red).
  • We marked the size on the handle with a plastic case.
  • Holding range: 0.5mm (with exception of APV-0A-S: 0.3 mm).
Aluminum Pin Vise

Pin Vise

  • Can be used as a limit gauge by installing two different size pin gauge.
  • Material: Chrome plated brass.
  • Pin vise can be used as a limit gauge by holding gauges at both GO (no line) and NOGO (red line) sides.
  • Holding range:0.5mm (with exception of PV-0A: 0.3 mm).
Pin Vise

Thread Pin Gauge RA

  • Sui table when screw holes on the workpiece are not chamfered.
  • A threaded portion has 1/15 taper starting at halfway point to secure gauge to the workpiece.
  • For measuring threaded holes which is difficult to measure with the existing thread pin gauge (e.g. threaded hole which is difficult to chamfer the opening or processed obliquely to the work surface).
  • Also suitable for deburring Process
Thread Pin Gauge RA

Thread Pin Gauge

  • Enables easy threaded hole centering and locating.
  • More accurate, economical, and easier than other gauges.
  • Made with stainless steel, prevents the thread pin gauge from rust.
  • The tapered bottom of the measurement area secures fit with work and allows high accuracy measurement.
Thread Pin Gauge

Steel Limit Plug Gauge

  • For GO/NOGO inspection of hole diameter.
  • Material:
    Gauge: Alloy tool steel, handle: Aluminum
    Durable Carbide plug gauge with low thermal expansion and good durability
    Ceramic plug gauge with long service life for good economic performance
  • GO/NOGO gauge for the testing fit of the shaft in a hole based on maximum and minimum allowable dimensions.
  • Class H7 for manufacturing.
  • Hardness HV660 ~ 780.
  • Surface roughness: Within Ra0.2µm.
  • Provided with an inspection report.
Steel Limit Plug Gauge

Limit Plug Gauge with thin handle

  • Provided with an inspection report.
  • Material:
    Gauge: Alloy tool steel
    Handle: Stainless
  • Handle diameter is smaller than gauge diameter so that the gauge reaches a deeper hole where the normal limit plug gauge cannot.
  • Surface roughness: Within Ra0.2µm.
Limit Plug Gauge With Thin Handle


Technical Information

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