Orbit Measuring Probe


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Features of Orbit Measuring Probe

A product of Solatron Metrology – AMETEK made in UK

Outstanding features:

  • High accurate. Not same as analog probe, Orbit digital probe has a extremely high accuracy
  • Repeatable
  • Robust
  • Small size
  • Low tip force
  • Long life
  • Displaces light, dirt and oil
  • Asolute meaurement
  • Works on all surfaces
  • Best cost vs performance
  • Can be used in most environments
  • Very wide range of products

Construction of Orbit Digital Measuring Probes - Elements of outstanding quality

Data transmission

Bộ truyền tín hiệu - Data trasmission

PIE (Probe Interface Electronics)

Bộ phận giao tiếp - PIE

Connect PC, PLC,... easily

Nối kết máy tính, PLC - Connect PLC

Orbit Measuring Probe tested for 13 million cycles of ring impact

Probe design endures a harsh “stepped cam” test where prob is actuated with a sideload. Probe last over 13 million cycles while maintaining repeatability


Technical Information of Orbit Measuring Probe

Contact gauge probes often provide the most cost effective solution for a wide range of measuring and positioning applications. These have excellent sideload capabilities and can last over 100 million cycles.

Orbit Standard Probes

DP/S - Spring Push

  • 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10 & 20 mm measuring ranges
  • Accuracy as low as < 0.1 μm
  • Up to 0.01 μm resolution
  • Up to 0.05 μm repeatability
  • Tip force of 0.7 N (options available)
  • IP65 Sealing
Orbit Digital Measuring Probe DP/S

The DP range of spring push probes is the work horse of the gauging industry. Very high resolution, excellent linearity and high data speeds is coupled with outstanding measurement repeatability. Long life precision bearings and IP65 sealing ensures that the probes maintain their performance for millions of measurements.

DP/P - Pneumatic Push

  • 2, 5, 10, & 20 mm measuring ranges
  • Accuracy as low as < 0.1 μm
  • Up to 0.01 μm resolution
  • Up to 0.05 μm repeatability
  • Tip force of 0.7 N (0.4 bar of pressure)
  • IP65 Sealing
  • Pneumatic gaiter actuation
  • Vacuum retract option available
Orbit Digital Measuring Probe DP/P
Đầu điện tử Orbit DP/P_b

Pneumatic transducers are ideal for use in automatic gauging applications or for accessing details that would be difficult or impossible to reach with spring push transducers. The standard range of Pneumatic Probes comes with IP65 sealing to ensure a long working life in wet or oily environments.

DJ/P - Pneumatic Push

  • 2, 5, 10, & 20 mm measuring ranges
  • Actuation is by a built in piston, separate from gaiter
  • Same performance as standard Pneumatic probe
Orbit Digital Measuring Probe DJ/P
DJ/P-Air Exit

Jet “J Type” probes are similar to standard pneumatic transducers except that actuation is by an inbuilt piston. High tip forces are available but as air is vented through a port close to the front of the probe, they have a lower IP rating. These probes will continue to operate even if the gaiter becomes punctured.

Orbit® Low Tip Force and Rugged Probes

DT - Feather Touch - Spring and Pneumatic

  • Low tip force as low as 0.18 N (options available)
  • 2, 5, 10, 20 & 30 mm Measuring Ranges
  • Full range of tips available
  • Pneumatic or Spring actuation
  • IP50 Sealing
  • Excellent sideload capability
Digital Measuring Probe Orbit DT

Feather Touch transducers have been designed especially to gauge or measure delicate surfaces such as car windscreens, pharmaceutical bottles, electro-mechanical components and plastic parts. Where as a traditional transducer exerts a tip force of approximately 0.7 N, the Feather Touch exerts a mere 0.18 N when used in the horizontal position. This reduction is achieved by replacing the gaiter with a close tolerance gland. Despite the low volume of air flow the bearing is constantly purged, avoiding the build up of dust.

DW - Ultra Feather Touch - Spring and Pneumatic

  • Ultra Low tip force of 0.03 to 0.06 N
  • 10 mm Measuring Range
  • Nylon and Ruby tips available
  • Pneumatic or Spring actuation
  • IP50 Sealing
Digital Measuring Probe Orbit DW

The Ultra Feather Touch probe has so light a tip force, it is a viable alternative to a non-contact sensor in many applications. With various tips available in ruby and nylon, the UFT is already being used to check glass, rubber, semi-conductor wafers and other delicate materials.

Orbit Digital Measuring Probe DW_a
Glass Thickness
Orbit Digital Measuring Probe DW_b
Semi Conductor Wafer
Orbit Digital Measuring Probe DW_c
Hard Disk Drive Case

D12P - Rugged probes for harsh environments

  • Thicker, more rugged design for harsh environments
  • 5 mm diameter shaft inside 12 mm diameter body
  • Excellent strength and sideload capability
  • IP65 Sealing
Digital Measuring Probe Orbit D12P

The Rugged digital probe is an option for environments where a standard probe may be easily damaged. The base performance of these products is identical to the ø8 mm range. Contact Solartron for details.

Orbit® Compact Probes

D6P - 6 mm Diameter - Spring and Pneumatic

  • 2, 5, and 12 mm Measuring Ranges
  • 6 mm Diameter body
  • Same resolution and repeatability as 8 mm probes
  • Excellent when points are in close proximity
  • IP65 Sealing
Orbit Digital Measuring Probe D6P
Orbit Digital Measuring Probe D6P

With the D6P probes, a 25% diameter reduction over conventional probes has been achieved, yet performance and life expectancy has been maintained. Long life precision
bearings ensure that probes maintain their performance for millions of cycles.

D3P - 3 mm Diameter - Spring Push

  • 1 mm Measuring Range
  • 3 mm Diameter body
  • IP50 Sealing
Orbit Digital Measuring Probe D3P

Quite possibly the world’s thinnest probe, the tiny 3 mm diameter allows for even tighter packing densities for measuring features on intricate parts.

DZ - Ultra Short Spring

  • 1 or 2 mm measuring ranges
  • Tip force 0.7 N (options available)
  • IP65 Sealing
  • Spring actuation
  • R/A Outlets available
  • Use where space is a premium
Orbit Digital Measuring Probe DZ

The DZ range of probes are probably the shortest available on the market with a full calibrated measuring range of 1 mm or 2 mm. The unique bearing design creates a very short probe body while still maintaining the performance of a standard probe.


Ametek Solatron Probes brochure

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