Glass Calibration Plate


Introduction of the Glass calibration

The calibration plate is used to calibrate robot handlers and moving stages, and correct distortion of inspections and lenses,…

Research units or special high-precision calibration tools.

Especially, in the field of vision, such as 3d image measurement, 3d reverse engineering, 3d matching, 3d reconstruction, etc.,

Mainly obtain the data of camera calibration results through calibration software.

Features of Glass

  • High precision processing technology
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient
  • High precision
  • Various sizes can be customized


  • For lens distortion correction
  • Determine the physical size and conversion relation between pixels
  • Determine the three-dimensional geometry of space objects surface some point with the interrelation between the corresponding points in the image

Types of Glass Calibration Plate

White, Luster Type / White, Matt Type

  • The base material of the Glass Calibration Plate is made of Neoseram (NEG).
  • Very low thermal expansion coefficient which is almost equivalent to synthetic silica
  • The precise standards are printed on white glass, so contrast looks sharper than that of transparent objects.
  • The calibration image taken by a camera can be used to calibrate the measurement and magnification of the optical system.
  • In particular, adjust lens distortion and more.

Transparent Type

  • The base material of the transparent type is made of synthetic silica or B-270 (Heat-resistant crystallized glass manufactured by SCHOTT).
  • As for transparent ones, for example, 10mm/1000 division grid type, can be easily used as a resolving chart.

Customers can request 3 patterns with checkered dots in different sizes.

Glass Carlibration Plate
Glass Carlibration Plate
Glass Carlibration Plate

Specifications of Glass


Neoseram N-11
(Heat resisting glass, up to 700oC)


Max. 200 x 200 mm




50 mm (+/- 0.002 mm)
200 mm (+/- 0.005 mm)


2 μm / 2 μm / (L / S)

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